the artisans of humanitarian aid

Founded in 1991 by Christian RAYMOND, PARTENAIRES, an international NGO, works in the poorest regions of the world. It accompanies disadvantaged people towards greater autonomy, while respecting their cultures and the environment.

Our fields of action:

Education and vocational training

Food security

– Health, through hygiene and drinking water

Our areas of intervention

PARTENAIRES is active in regions where other, bigger organisations aren’t. Because not all poverty zones receive enough media coverage to attract aid from private individuals and NGOs.
For more than 20 years, PARTENAIRES has been running programs on 4 continents, in Nigeria, Brazil, Bolivia, India and Mozambique. The organisation is currently working mainly in Bangladesh, in Myanmar, and also in Ethiopia.


  •    Volunteer work is at the heart of PARTENAIRESIn France the organisation relies entirely on volunteer work, which helps us maintain operation costs at a minimum, and allows us to guarantee donors their contributions are used as efficiently as possible.
    From a total of 100€, 94€ go directly to our actions in the field, which means that less than 6% are used in administration, fundraising and communication.
  •  on field
    To ensure meaningful and lasting results, the projects are based on local, qualified teams.
    They are at first supervised by a Western volunteer, whose mission is to provide the tools and the know-how necessary for a smooth running of the structure, but also to control quality and ensure the best use of available resources.


  • Respect for crops, environmental requirement
    Respect for local cultures is an essential ingredient for the success of our actions. Our projects always take into account local peculiarities and habits. Similarly, the environmental requirement leads us to seek solutions and processes of their own.
  • In the long run
    The end goal of our programs is to reach our beneficiaries’ autonomy. Local teams gradually take over and adopt the spirit, methods and actions of PARTENAIRES. As already observed in many instances, the project then goes on independently from our presence in the country.


– More than 25 years of experience and 6 prices in 9 years from the French Forum of Humanitarian aid (Forum français de l’Humanitaire)

– Less than 8% operating costs (all included)The guarantee of a maximal impact of your donations in the field

– A useful and long-lasting result in poor regions of the world unreached by humanitarian aid.