You can...

Make a single donation,
to take part in our development programmes in Bangladesh or Myanmar.

Make a monthly donation,
to sponsor children at Maer Achol shelter

• 45€ a month - 11,25€ after tax deduction - will support a boarder (accommodation, food, healthcare, school, vocational training, recreation).
• 30€ a month - 7,50€ after tax deduction - will support two day-pupils (healthcare, school and meals)

Thanks to tax deduction your donation will cost you only 25% of the sum given to the association, for donations up to 521€. (2014 limit)

Over that amount tax deduction will be 66% within 20% of your taxable income. (if you pay your taxes in France)



Donate online by PayPal (100% secure):

Send a cheque or make a bank tranfer
Download the support form Complete it and send to: Association Partenaires - 41 rue des Maronites 75020 Paris, FRANCE

• Pay by automatic bank tranfer for monthly donations
Download the SEPA form complete it and send it accompanied by an IBAN to:
Association PARTENAIRES - 41 rue des Maronites 75020 Paris, FRANCE