PARTNERS, hands-on charity

Founded in 1991 by Christian RAYMOND, PARTENAIRES is an International NGO that works in the poorest regions of the world.


In Bangladesh (since 2001)

In 2001, PARTENAIRES opened a home for street children in Dhaka. Today, 350 children are housed there. Among them, 80 children have made it their home… Read more>

In Ecuador (since 2016)

PARTENAIRES has doubled the size of the FundacionJONATHAN drop-in centre and is supporting it…Read more >

In Malawi (since 2017)

PARTENAIRES helps elderly farmers and is building a school for 500 children…Read more>

In Haiti (since 2018)

PARTENAIRES has helped the community of Fond des Blancs in the southwest of the country…Read more>

In Tanzania (since 2020)

PARTENAIRES is working with local NGOs to expand three overcrowded schools…Read more> >

In Myanmar, formerly Burma (1998-2018)

PARTENAIRES worked for 20 years on sanitation and education projects, digging 20 large reservoirs and renovating 130 schools… Read more >