the artisans of humanitarian aid

Founded in 1991 by Christian RAYMOND, PARTENAIRES, an international NGO, works in the poorest regions of the world. It accompanies disadvantaged people towards greater autonomy, while respecting their cultures and the environment.

Our areas of intervention

Our fields of action:

Education and professional training

Food security

– Health, through hygiene and drinking water

Over the years, PARTNERS has conducted programmes on four continents – Nigeria, Brazil, Bolivia, India, Moldova, Mozambique and Myanmar (for 20 years) – and has continued to do so for over 20 years in Bangladesh. We also work in Ecuador, Haiti, Malawi and Tanzania..


Our volunteer work

PARTNERS’ work in France is based on volunteers, which helps us to keep our operating costs among the lowest, guaranteeing donors maximum impact from their donations.

Out of every 100€ received, 92€ goes directly to our actions on the ground. And in this modest 8% of operating and administration costs are also included the collection and communication costs!

The aim of our programmes is to achieve the final autonomy of the beneficiaries. In the long term, local teams take up the torch and appropriate the spirit and forms of action of PARTNERS. In many places, the project lives on through our presence.

In the long term, PARTNERS means

  • more than 30 years of experience and 6 awards at the Humanitarian Forum
  • more than 8% of operating costs, all inclusive
  • the guarantee of a maximum impact of donations.

And on the ground, a useful and sustainable result for poor communities deprived of humanitarian aid.