In Tanzania

Our first projects in TANZANIA, a country neighbouring Malawi…

We have been going to Malawi regularly since 2018 to launch projects and monitor their progress.  Each time we travelled via Tanzania, so it made sense to also work in this poor country, ignored by almost all French NGOs.

Independent since 1962, the country is now considered a lower middle-income country, but poverty remains high: 80% of the population lives on less than $2 a day. The agricultural sector employs 90% of the population, but contributes only 23% of the national wealth. Only 24% of households have access to electricity. Population growth remains high.

In this context, we carried out an assessment mission in October 2020 and were impressed by the professionalism of the Tanzanian NGOs we met in Dar Es Salaam as well as in Morogoro, a disadvantaged region four hours by bus south of the capital where large Maasai communities live. We identified a common need to improve access to schooling, so we decided to work with three NGOs specializing in education:


In a small, dilapidated school in a poor suburb of the capital, this NGO teaches and feeds 72 children (30 boys, 42 girls). Its funds come from private donations, which are not sufficient to repair and maintain the premises. We decided to repair and expand this small school to increase its capacity and improve the working conditions of the teachers.

The project: complete the construction of a third classroom, stopped for lack of resources; renovate two dilapidated classrooms, in particular the leaking roof; add a small office for teachers who only have the yard to meet in; cement the bare earth courtyard that becomes muddy in the rainy season.

Total cost: $8,000

Co-funding from PARTENAIRES : $6,000

Local funding (LUKEMA) : $2,000

CDO (Childhood Development Organization)

Enlarge a primary school built by the village community of Doma/Maharaka, in the district of Mvomero. Currently the 108 pupils are crammed into a single classroom!

The project: build an additional 12 m² classroom to improve teaching conditions.

Total cost: 10,000 euros

Co-funding from PARTENAIRES : 5,000 euros

Local community funding : 5,000 euros

Class finished

Encouraged by our help, CDO and the Doma community are looking for another partner to build a 3rd classroom.


Construction of a primary and secondary school for 250 children in the village of Ndama/Msongozi, district of Mvomero.

Currently the school only has two classrooms, including a kindergarten. Older children do not have an opportunity to learn, as the bigger schools in the region are too far away and there is a risk of being attacked by animals.

SAWA’s longer term project is to

. build seven classrooms, three houses for teachers, and sixteen toilets

  • provide teaching materials
  • ensure the continuous training of teachers, including child protection
  • educate parents on the importance of education and improving their standard of living

Total cost: $100,000

Co-funding from PARTENAIRES : $50,000 to build 4 classrooms

Commitment from local authorities (Mvomero Council): $24,000